I am delighted you are visiting my website.  Please come inside and satisfy your literary cravings with juicy links to my writing.   "... it wasn’t the secrets I could tell her that worried the grownups. It was the ones that Aunt Colleen could share with me that terrified them to the quick ... she took me to her bedroom and taught me the real names of all the naughty body parts ... proceeded to remove her clothes and point out each unmentionable area as casually as you check off items on a grocery list. Worst of all, she made me recite the names back and spell them out as if we were judge and contestant in an obscene spelling bee."  — excerpt from When Apples Fall  "When Apples Fall is a startling and powerful debut novel. This perceptive book is not for the faint-hearted. The author eschews any 'feel good' factor in pursuit of the harsh realities of human existence, encapsulated in an unexpected climactic ending that pulls no punches and leaves the reader reeling." — A.R. Homer, bestselling author of The Sobs of Autumn's Violins 


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